The S. V. GROUP - An Overview
  The S. V. GROUP established in 1977 works in Non Ferrous metal industry specializing into Copper, Copper Alloys and Brass Products in all forms like Tubes, Rods, Flats Strips etc.

With our art of class manufactuirng facilities at Mumbai and with office and raw material sourcing agents across the world together ensures that THE S. V. GROUP delivers right products of up most quality.

We offer vats range of products in various sizes and specifications of IS, BS, ASTM to satisfy mulitply technical requirements.
What Is S. V. GROUP - Success Mantra
  There is really no great magic mantra in The S. V. Success. It is about three vital factors that drive every business

  Strict adherence to this mantra has given S. V. GROUP an exclusive expertise that a few in businees can match. With over 25 professional, each with vats experience in the non ferrous industry, the wide network to access the right raw material , latest technology, excellent manufacturing facilities, and the knowledge of bank that is available with the Group is most current. All these works for the present and well into future.

We consider our clients as our partners and keep their end products in mind while delivery to them their raw material.
Beyond The S. V. GROUP Success Mantra
  The S. V. GROUP success mantra, like any other proprietary formula, is a tool that helps in achieving results for the non ferrous industry in India & around the Globe. But the success of the mantra depends on the people who handle it. And none can do this better than prople whose proud creation it is.