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PRODUCT NAME : SVMC Copper –Nickel 90 :10 Automotive Vehicle
Break Tubing.
APPLICATION Automotive Vehicle Break Tubing.
A vehicle’s breaking system is as crucial to a vehicle’s performance as its engine and drive train. SVMC Copper –nickel alloy C70600, an alloy of 90% copper and 10% nickel is inherently corrosion resistant to road salt, and its use as break tubing is increasing based on:
Changing life expectancy for automotive vehicle.
Worldwide service-experience data on break tubing wear.
Increasing cost of corrosion-retarding coatings for steel break tubing. Our Cupro Nickel Alloy
C70600 is normally supplied as redrawn tubing in the annealed condition. The combination of strength and good ductibility gives our customers excellent formability.
The copper-nickel alloy used for break tubing typically contains 10% nickel, with iron a manganese additions of 1.4% and 0.8% respectively. The product confirms to ASTM B111. Formability and internal cleanliness conform to specifications SAE J527.
The Mechanical Properties of materials used for Hydraulic Break Tubing are as mention in the table below: -
Ultimate Tensile Strength C70600 –Copper –nickel 90-10
48-54 (0.330-0.370)
1000 psi (Mpa) 16-22 (0.110-0.150)
Yield Strength 0.5% Ext. under -
Load 1000 psi (Mpa) -
Elongation % in 2 in. 40-55
Fatigue Strength (100x7cycles) 15 (0.100)
1000psi (Mpa) -
Burst pressure 1000psi (Mpa) 19 (0.130)
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